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Aspen Youth Center maintains a safe, fun, youth-friendly facility and offers interesting and exciting programs that will make children and adolescents in grades four through twelve want to get involved by becoming a member and making multiple visits to our facility.

The clubs and activities we offer serve as opportunities for youth to interact with one other and experience positive, catalytic events within a supportive, mentored environment which will enhance the child’s social skills.

Aspen Youth Center maintains an exceptional staff that is caring, thoughtful and mature. In this way, we help our youth members develop confidence and self-esteem, both of which are prerequisites for achievement as adults.  When children have adequate levels of confidence and self-esteem, the chances that they will form healthy relationships at home and at school greatly increase which, in turn, makes them better able to resist the peer pressure to engage in risky behaviors.

Additionally, children with higher self-esteem are more likely to develop a positive future sense of self, which is a strong indicator of whether or an individual will be successful in life. Future sense of self refers to the chances that an individual gives him/herself of being happy and successful in life. Children who feel like they have adults in their life who care about them will feel better about themselves, make better choices and have a higher chance of feeling happy and successful in life. Aspen Youth Center provides the fertile ground for children to make these vital connections as they develop into adults.