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There are several options for Downvalley Christmas Services.

This time of year often leads us families to think about our roots and sometimes these include thoughts about our faith as well. If you are like me, you feel the nudge to share this heritage with your children. While this certainly not an exhaustive list of all of the places to worship during this holiday season, I tried to pull together any information about Christian or Jewish services throughout the Roaring Fork Valley that I could by surfing the web. This post is specific to Downvalley Christmas Services. If you are also interested in Aspen Chanukah Services, I made a blog for that as well. A list of the Aspen Christmas services is available here too.

Maybe there is a service or two that fits your needs:


Christ Community 12/24 5:00
Grace Community 12/24 6:30
St. Vincent’s 12/24 8:00
12/25 10:30 AM
St. Peter’s Episcopal Church 12/24 5:00 PM  Children’s Nativity Pageant
12/24 8:00 PM  Traditional carol service
12/25 9:00 AM  Meditative Christmas Day Mass


The Orchard 12/24 4:00
St. Mary of the Crown 12/24 5:30
12/25 8:30 AM English service
12/25 12:30 Spanish service


Calvary Chapel 12/24 6:00
First Presbyterian 12/24 5:00
12/24 7:00 Candlelight
New Creation 12/24 5:30
12/24 7:00
St. Barnabas 12/24 7:00