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Event Description: It’s time for the 3rd annual “Where My Peeps At?” Scavenger Hunt!

Date: Saturday, March 31st Teams: 2-6 people Cost: $30 per team Pre-Registration Required: Deadline Monday, March 26th

Are your kids too old for an Easter Egg Hunt? Are you a kid at heart and still love the joy of Easter Egg Hunts? Do you just like to have a good time? This event is for anyone looking for a fun and active holiday tradition and falls into any of the previous categories. We have two race options this year. The first is the Families/Kids/Not So Fast Division, and is for people who want to have fun, but may want to walk or run shorter distances (2.5K-5K). These teams will be provided a map of a specific area and search the mapped area for Peeps “hiding in plain sight.” The second race is the Competitive 10K Division. These teams will be given a plush Peep and they will travel with their Peep and solve clues to find Peeps all over town. All teams will have 2 hours to race around and collect as many Peeps’ points as possible. There are bonus points for all teams who come in costume, so get them ready!